What is Gibbsboro?


gibbsboro is the ghetto. its official. its full of incest and everyone in here is related. people have a tendency to rape their relatives. theres a road full of potheads called pothead lane. and usually there's a whore or two. in gibbsboro everybody knows everything about everyone and if something happens, the whole town knows in 5 minutes, tops. and in gibbsboro, chances are ur parents had the same teachers u did because no one ever leaves this hick town. ever. everyone hates it and says they cant wait to leave, but then half of them stay here and make their kids stay here and it just never ends. its so ghetto that we dont have cops on duty after 10:30 and the whole police force (3 guys) is related. nd ummm thats about it. gibbsboro's ghetto. and theres a rapist that lives here. next to the grandmom that smokes pot and hides her daughter whos a whore's boyfriend in her apartment. yeah thats all.

you are an example. cause i said so.

See katie


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