What is Ginge?


Nickname for someone with ginger hair.

O hey look, its ginge

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The verb form of being a ginger.

Joey: "Ok jake you and me can chill while bryan and colin just ginge over there."

See ginger, orange, verb, gingervitis, ging


a person with ginger hair

someone who is angry

"look its ginge"

"dont have a ginge over it"

"sorry about ur ginge"

See ginge, spaz, tanty, orange, gingervitus


Can be used to describe the anus, or the vagina.

"There's a car right up me ginge!"


vb. to ginge: to cheat on a girl and then go back and repeatedly hook up with her after you broke up with her; certainly feeling no regret

what you cheated on her? are you gonna ginge her ass?

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One who brings up the back in a procession of motorcycles. Now used as a response to a poster to ukrm who is behind with an internet link.

"Check this out.... url"


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a sexually transmitted disease that can be cured by drinking lots of pina coladas from chinese restaurants.(one such outbreak occured during a national Model United Nations conference.)

Man, don't get the ginge of the panoose.


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