What is Glove?


verb: to ignore, to feign ignorance of, especially to default on a response to a greeting

I was walking down the street when I saw Jeff, so I was like "Hey Jeff" but he gloved me and just kept on walking.

See ignore, shirk, brush off


a condom

No love without the glove.


condom, trash bag, whatever you use.

i forgot the gloves, so I jumped out on my girl.

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A condom. Object to keep ur penis protected, but sometimes one of those sperms can get through and you will get ur bitch pregnant. Also the object that O.J Simpson used to kill his girlfriend and some other guy but was somehow innocent. Also object to protect your hand(s) or keep them warm.

No love. You look like a broke ass O.J Simpson tryin to kill people with a pair of leather gloves.

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A verb, meaning to conceal a beer can (or similar sized container of alcoholic beverage inside of a glove, so that it may be consumed discreetly (relatively speaking) in a public environment.

Though similar acts were most likely present wherever the underaged had easy access to beer, the first cited example of "gloving" a beer occured when Christopher L. Dunn, of Williamstown, MA, slipped a Bud Light into Jahan Bruce's left Isotoner at the Thompson Rink, during a Mt. Greylock v. Pittsfield High hockey game in the winter of 2000.

"Hey, what's up with that kid back there? He looks like he's drinking out of a mitten."

"Yeah, that's just Dunn. He's glovin' it tonight."

See Cosmo


Glove, abbreviation for Gay Love.

A homosexual who is the good/best friend of a heterosexual of the opposite sex.

eg. Jane loves John. John is gay. Jane and John are bestfriends. John is Jane's Glove.


Do you like nitrile gloves, rubber gloves, latex gloves, winter gloves, and collect gloves? Gloves make you ejaculate milk.

Hey, that's my glove bitch!

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