What is Glover?


the name of an extreme liberal femanist who exclaims the rights of animals and women; usually an english teacher

I hate going to english class; I've got a glover, that femanist.

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Someone involved in the fetishistic sexual act of sprocketing. The glover is the one who bites the choker on the throat until he draws blood.

"Dave gives hickeys that draw blood. He's such a glover!"

See sadism, masochism, blood, sprocketing, choker


the best guy friend anyone could ever have. smart, talented, great body, hawt and most of all sweet. hes the type of person you would go to the end of the earth for. never a dull moment when you are around him. he always makes you laugh!

girl 1: see that guy over there?

girl 2: yeah, the one with the nice abs? hes such a glover

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Resembles Harry Potter uses wizardry to penetrate roebuck in chemistry lessons. Body building mum, fit sister.

mmm Roebuck shove it in my ass! Love Glover

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