What is Gof?


An acronym for "Get Out Faggot"

SK: yo i lyk3 s0u1ja b0i

Bloo: gof homo

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A spoof of the word 'goth'.

Those silly angsty gofs aren't as cool as they think they are.

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The Almighty. One who smites bitches.

We pray to thee, holy Jebus and Almighty Gof, that you VANQUISH my enemies.


The Game of Football, ie. the one and only thing in life that should matter. Origins traced to Michigan, specifcly Metro-Detroit/Rochester area. Originated by Coach Calvin Gross, of the Stoney Creek Cougars football team

CG- "When I was your age I played the GOF with broken arms and legs just to prove how tough I was, and then I punted Korean people...ok someone tell him the joke..."

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