Going Forward

What is Going Forward?


Going forward is purported to mean, "In the future" or "somewhere down the road" when in fact it is an attempt to dodge the use of these words, which generally indicate "I don't know". A newer development in corporate doublespeak, in most companies it is grounds for dismissal to release a press release without mentioning something 'going forward'. Going forward, you will likely see this turning up everywhere.

Our company expects to make a profit going forward.

We don't expect any layoffs going forward.


A phrase that business people use to mean someone completely fucked up big time BUT we don't want to dwell on who's fault it was instead can we all just adopt an optimistic outlook and please can we all start thinking about the future not the shithole of a present that we're in.

See also: Moving forward

CEO to company meeting: We have just had 3 major projects cancelled by our main customer sadly....

(stunned silence)

...but going forward, there are a lot of great opportunities out there.

See hypocrisy, bullshit


When a woman goes face first into a blowjob

The other day I was out to lunch with Amber and she totally pulled a nosediveunder the t.able and showed me that she was going forward

See gummer, blow job, dick sucker, cock smoker, fuck my balls


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