What is Gomp?


An acronym meaning "get off my phone" used by tech support sluts around the world.

"dude I so just hung up on that lady for being dumb.....GOMP!!!"


To viciously and violently ravish and "eat" one's partner in sex.

Usually connotates fully and passionately sexing a partner's stuff.

"Yeah, I didn't expect her to, but she totally gomped my dick.

She took all of it in for like 20 minutes straight.

Then I gomped her taint and motorboatedall in it"

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To suddenly hang up on someone during a phone call.

I called Tom Sharpling's radio program, but got gomped mid call.

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Any mentally retarded person.

Usually the word implies the retarded person is profoundly retarded and leaking fluids such as spittle, has cake between their fingers, spaghetti sauce on their face, cocked eyes, and a VERY loud voice.

That fucking gomp crushed my kitten's head with his superhuman strength.

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to act like an idiot, asshole, jerk, etc. gomping equivelant to "bitching"

today at work sally was acting like a gomp so i told her to shut her face. i wish people would just stop their gomping!

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1.The noise made when taking to much food in one mouth full also see Chomping

2.Gomping can be used for body parts as well

1. eww them fatties are just sat there gomping

2. did you just gomp my nose?

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The act of ejaculating tumors

That crazy bitch got her face gomped on

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