What is Gon?


Gonna. Going to.

Playas gon play.


verb. Comes from the words 'go on'. Often used as a command when annoyed.

Guy after getting hit by a paper ball: "Man gon fo' i pop on yo ass!"

"Man, dude, if you dont gon with them tight ass pants on!"

See go, on, get, away, annoyed


Abbreviation for “guevon”. Used mainly buy Venezuelan nationals as a way of greeting a friend.

Epa gon! Como esta la vaina!

See guevon, amigo, pana, tipo, carajo


crazy, off in the head

Person 1: Yeah man, your boy was acting a fool last night.

Person 2: That nigga gon

See southern belle



mesa gon to china!


An abbreviation for gonorrhea.

"She's got the gon."

See gonorrhea, std, sti, syphilis, goner


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