Good Ol' Boy

What is Good Ol' Boy?


There are two very different definitions here.

1.) A man or older boy from the South, in this case the stereotypical redneckor hick. Likes cheap beer, NASCAR, football, pro wrestling, hunting and/or fishing, and country or hard rock music. Not necessarily a bad person, but occasionally portrayed as racist, though many could care less, aside from occasionally cracking a racist joke with his buddies; this is not usually how he feels about Blacks or Hispanics. Generally all about having a good time. They may speed to impress a girl they're taking on a date, but won't hit-and-run; they may have a few beers to impress her at the bar later on, or even get in a fight there, but won't get so drunk he can't sober up and drive or send the other guy to the hospital. Generally speaks with a country accent or Southern drawl, usually the former. Often drives a rusty muscle caror pickup, but at the same time many seem to drive small Japanese cars. A good example of this type would be the Duke boys from the TV series and movie, The Dukes of Hazzard. Often portrayed negatively, but not always a bad person. Again, they are pretty good-natured.

2.) This definition is still a man from the South, however, he is usually upper-middle class, rather " preppy," lives in an "old-money" suburb, and will generally have a degree from a prestigious Southern college (Washington and Lee, Vanderbilt, UVa, Wake Forest, etc.) or an Ivy League school. Usually enjoys watching his (parents') alma mater or current college play football and basketball. Usually speaks in a soft Southern drawl, not very pronounced but easily detectable (y'all, "ah," "prob'em" are common) Often will exude an air of class, but not always in a snobby or condescending manner. Often seen wearing nice clothes like collared shirts, khakis, and Topsiders, and for high school will often attend a private day school or a boarding school like Woodberry Forest, but many go to a prestigious public high school like Douglas Freeman in Richmond or Mountain Brookin Birmingham as well. Basically, take the definition of a New England " preppy," put him in a TRUE Southern city, take away the perceived snobbery, and you have this kind of man.

1.) Nelson was considered by his Northern co-workers in the shop of the car dealer to be a redneck, and in many ways fit the definition, but he was in no way a bigot or rude person. In fact, he was friends with many Blacks and didn't mind their company one bit. He was also a rather skilled mechanic and ran the shop well, and his mother said he was "such a good ol' boy."

2.) Andy grew up in the West End section of Richmond and dressed much like his old-money counterparts in New England. He went to St. Christopher's for high school, staying close to home, and decided to travel down to Emory for college, joining a fraternity. He came back up to Virginia to get a business degree at UVa and now is a partner in a well-known Richmond accounting firm. He originally planned to stay in Atlanta, but he noticed the Northern transplants didn't like his accent, and the "good ol' boy network" was being phased out by said transplants.

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A native son of a hick town down south.

"Stan, you're in Ala-fuckin'-bama. You killed a good ol' boy. There's no fuckin' way this thing ain't goin' to trial."

-Joe Pesci, My Cousin Vinny


A young, white, Southern male.

Usually the trouble-making, rebellious son of a redneck, between the ages of about 18-35.

Women are sometimes over looked in that company, because the managemnet prefers the good ol' boys.

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A group of people that are in charge of Traverse City

Watch out here come the good ol' boys.

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into tearin it up and having a good ol time- country style;

No rappin or thuggin it for these guys- southern rock to the MAX;

The state of kickassness as determined by rear wheel v8 cars and 4x4 trucks;

Into beatin down the less than white.

Man, that Dusty Roberts is one badass Good Ol' Boy


no such thing. a white trash republican redneck that tries to one up everybody with a pompous backwoods cocky attitude. A loud drunk and obnoxious country hic without class. All good ol' boy types aren't really good boys at all.

Good ol' boys are annoying trailer meth addicts.

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