Good On Ya

What is Good On Ya?



1. A term used by Aussie's to express a job well done.

2. Aussie slang for "Thanks" or any other gratitude

1. Good on ya, mate! I knew you'd hit the target.

2. Good on ya. Glad your on board


A phrase used to denote congratulations or happiness with deeds.

"You broke up with that buck-toothed harpie? Good on ya, mate!"


Kudos, Congratulations, Way to go? FIrst place I heard it was on Andy of Mayberry.

You won the spelling bee, well good on ya.

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Another way of showing you are impressed/proud/excited by someone elses actions.

Often used in a father to son chat about something the son has done well (maybe at school).

"Nice one mate!" & "Well done son!" may also be used

Son - I got in my first fight at school today dad!

Dad - Did ya, good on ya son. Did you win??


well done or congratulations

u slept with her? good on ya


a casual blessing, of irish origin, bestowing health, wealth and happiness on the recipient

an unexpected short along with a pint from a friend might illicit the response:"Jack Daniels as well, good on ya, mate"


Phrase said to mock someone who has just failed at a task. Tonal qualities are important if the intended rebuke is to be effective. A downward inflected "on" and upward inflected "ya" are proper use in this instance.

Hey Bob, I hear you got busted shagging you're neighbour's wife. Good on ya!

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