Gook Scooters

What is Gook Scooters?


1.shower shoes or flip-flops. (From VietNam military slang)

2.any Jap or other Asian built compact or sub-compact car

3.any "Ricky CrotchRocket" pseudo-racing type bike, also known as a "bugsickle".

1. "Don't go in the gym shower without your gook scooters or you'll get jungle rot!"

2. "Did you see the new gook scooter Suzy Creamcheese just bought? It's a stinkin' Toyota!"

3. Like a bug hitting a windshield, the last thing that went thru Ricky's mind when he hit the truck on his gook scooter was HIS ASS!

See shower shoes, flip flops, crotch rocket


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