What is Goon?


a real man or nigga

originated in flordia

"told her i was a goon and she went for it" -plies(shawty)

See florida, real, man, plies, shawty


Someone hired to rough someone up, usually someone big and dumb who commits acts of violence for money.

I'll show those fools, i'll hire a couple of goons to give those butt-pummeling ass clowns a fresh one accross the face. FIST!


the cheapest possible cask wine.


Members of the Something AwfulForums. They were named this after repeated verbal attacks on a website caused the owner to complain to Something Awful owner Lowtax about him and his "goons."

Goons have neckbeards, no real-life social skills, a tendency for whining about dumb superficial crap, and a knack for shutting down anyone who has anything worth making fun of. They're known for their sarcastic and elitist tendencies, though many on the internet find them hilarious.

Usually proud members of such Forums as GBS, BYOB, FYAD, or ADTRW, goons patrol the Awful Forums attempting to type funny jokes while their fingers slip off the keyboard due to Cheetos grease.

Goons spew overused catchphrases like "Do you have stairs in your house?" or "All your base are belong to us," though they are also responsible for founding and popularizing various internet memes, web sites, and trends.

There are many varieties of goon, depending on the particular forums they frequent at SA. GBS goons are often sarcastic and clever, while FYAD goons are elitist and abstract, BYOB goons are laid-back and random, CC goons are artistic and very critical, and ADTRW goons are anime-obsessed.

Goon1: That reminds me of a BYOB thread a few days ago.

Goon2: OMG ur a goon 2?

Goon1: Wow yeah do you have stairs in your base belong to us?

Goons: Why do I have to pay 10bux to get into these forums? If it costs me an entire week's allowance, than I don't want to be a goon.

See geek, nerd, internet, people, e/n


Generally slow witted, or goofy.

Also of either poor quality in character, dress, or personality

Wanna go hang out with Loui?

No man, that kid's such a goon.


Cheap wine. Often comes in a 4 Litre Cask for around $10 Australian dollars.

'Magic Goon' is wine mixed with lemonade, OJ etc.

Most commonly said in Australia.

"What else can get you fucked for $2.50AUD?"

"That is sum nasty ass goon."

See Diego


A tough hired by a company to intimidate union members or strikers; a member of a "goon squad" or private corporately paid guards.

Also any hired thug used for purposes of intimidation.

"You had better stop making trouble or I'll send my goons after you.


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