Gorilla Mask

What is Gorilla Mask?


A "sexual act" involving a handfull of shaved pubic hair thrown in the face of an unsuspecting female who just recieved a facial

I brought that bitch home from the club and got her ass ready for Halloween with a gorilla mask

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While having sex with a partner pull out and squirt your special man sauce on the womens face. Before she can react throw your freshly shaved pubic hair on the gooey mess. The mending of the spunk and pubic hair will give the appearance of a naked women wearing the mask of a gorilla.

I didn't give her a pearl necklace, I gave her an gorilla mask!

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After a lovely evening at Olive Garden (Red Lobster can be substituted if the wait is too long) politely ask your partner to participate in intercourse. Prior to ejaculation position the face of your said partner directly in front of your penis organ and release your seeds upon their face. Upon completion of said action reach down with your dominant hand and grab a handful of your partners pubes and throw them on your partners face. At this point run to a public place so all can see the gorilla chasing you.

Tate - "Yea, they have unlimited breadsticks and salad."

William Madison III - "I know, I really like the balsamic vinegrette."

Tate - "I'm on the fence about it, it's a bit peppery"

William Madison III - "How did the rest of the evening turn out"

Tate - "Following dinner I ended up at Mervyn's being chased by a gorilla mask."

William Madison III - "The fitting rooms there have horrible lighting."

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when a person shaves their pubes & glues them to a sleeping persons face.

You see Johnny this morning? Yeah Peter gave him a nasty gorilla mask

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Before you have sex, Trim or yank out pubic hair and place it on the night stand next to the bed. Engage in any sexual position you like. When you are going to nut pull out and shoot on her face. After you shoot on her face grab the pubic hair and throw it in her face. This will cause the hair to stick therefore creating the Gorilla Mask.

It is in the definition.Gorilla Mask.

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When a guy shaves his pubes and puts them in a bag. Then a girl gives him a blowjob until he is gonna cum. Then he will cum on her face. and empty th bag of pubes on her face. making the pubes stick to her face and looking like she is wearing a gorilla mask.

Jenna: "You know Mark?"

Jessica: "Yeah, I heard he gives massive Gorilla Masks

Jenna: "Its true, He gave me on and i used it on Halloween!"

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the act of cumming on someones face, after while putting pubes in the cum to let it dry;therefor, giving them the resemblance of a gorilla

ashley scraped while sucking johns dick so she was surprised in the morning to wake up with a gorilla mask.

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