What is Gorillaz?


An animated band. A side project of blur frontman Damon Albarn, they span all genres from punk to electronica to reggae. Their first self-titled album surprisingly went platinum. They had 3 popular singles from their first album: Tomorrow Comes Today, Clint Eastwood, and 19-2000. They then released an EP of b-sides and remixes from their first album. On January 7th of 2002 they released a new album of remixes. The album was unpopular, and for 1 year the gorillaz seemingly disappeared. On February 25th of 2003 they broke their silence by posting on their message board. After this they did not appear often, only sometimes giving interviews about their upcoming album. On May 24th 2005 their second album, Demon Days, was released. It reached number 1 on the UK charts and number 6 on the US charts, and its first single, Feel Good Inc. (featuring the rap group De La Soul) became a hit. New singles from Demon Days are to be released throughout 2005.

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The greatest band ever drawn. Their music kicks ass, and the animation is my inspiration.

Gorillaz is a four-piece band made up of 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel. Occassionally, ghost-rappers appear from Russels head, such as Del Tha Funky Homosapien and Phi Life Cypher


Forget 50 Cent and Nelly and such: Gorillaz make REAL hip hop music. They're animation and style only adds to their awesomeness. ^^

Gorillaz' music rules.


The only good hip-hop band. They also sing rock along with other types of music so they're good in my book.

Gorillaz is a good band.

See Master Chimp


Gorillaz are a 4 piece animated band taking over the word one track at a time

2-D,2-D is the lead singer of Gorillaz


Gorillaz is a SUPERGROUP, not just another random band. That means it is made up of distinguished artists and musicians that all have great careers and excellent reputations. The group is made up of artists from very different backgounds. Russell is Oakland rapper Del Tha Funkee homosapien who really is a tad geeky, but kicks major ass as an emcee. 2-D and Murdoc are both members of Blur. Last but not least Noodles is played by the lead singer of Cibbo Matto. The first album was produced by Dan the Automator who also produced Deltron 3030. Listen to "Time Keeps On Slipping" by deltron, you might notice a very similar style to the Gorillaz, right down to Damon Alabrns crooning and harmonica.

Lately the Gorillaz have made a combeack with the single "Feel Good Inc.". Their new album will be produced by Danger Mouse (of grey album fame) and rumor has it that del isn't on it, seeing how De La Soul has been doing the rapping on Feel Good Inc.

The animation is a gimmick, but the music is great no matter what. Groundbreaking stuff.


Gorillaz is an animated band, consisting of four animated character. These characters - despite what others may claim - do not represent any real people.

There's lead singer 2D, who also does keyboard; Russel Hobbs, who plays drums/percussion; Murdoc Niccals, the Satanist who plays Bass, and Noodle who mainly plays guitar, but can often be found doing some singing (voice changes between first album and second album).

Gorillaz have so far released 2 albums, one self-titled album, and the most popular one named 'Demon Days'. They have also released one B-sides album named 'G-sides', and one remix album named 'Laika Come Home' (remixed by Spacemonkeyz).

The two founders of Gorillaz are Blur frontman Damon Albarn, and comic book artist and designer, Jamie Hewlett (best known for creating Tank Girl). Damon does the voice of character 2D. Again, 2D doesn't really represent Damon, but it has been said that he is similar in ways or a younger, more naive version of him.

The first self-titled album was produced by Dan the Automator, and Del tha Funkee Homosapien appeared in two singles, 'Rock the House' and the more well-known 'Clint Eastwood'. The cartoon for Del is the only cartoon in Gorillaz that actually represents a real person, but on the other hand, Del is not a permanent character as he only stayed for the first album.

By the second album, 'Demon Days', Gorillaz artwork became darker and more detailed. There was also a new producer, DJ Danger Mouse, and Del had left. Noodle's voice was done by Rosie Wilson on the UK #1 single 'Dare'. Demon Days became Gorillaz most sucessful Album to date.

Zoe: Guys who like Gorillaz get me horny.

Tom: I love Gorillaz.

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