What is Gothemo?


WHAT THE FUCK??? Gothemo...Im confused...How can a goth be in anway linked with an emo? An emo is a failed goth who takes everthing way too seriously, cries a lot, listens to shit like Taking Back Sunday who sing about how bad their lives are and how much pain theyre in and how much they miss their jack off girlfriends, whereas goths just get on with it. Sorted. Thats not what the original meaning of emo was though but i'll not go into that. After all its just a stupid label.


P.P.S.I dont have anything against emos just thought id set the record straight!!! Emo guys are sooooooo cute!

Gothemo...Goth and Emo 2 seperate things.

Taking Back Sunday - Cute without the e

Whatthe fucking hell is that all about?!? I laughed sooooo much when i heard that song!

Perfect example of a lame emo song

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