What is Grapist?


a huge purple monster who sodomizes thirsty children.

The Grapist sodomized j00!


A giant grape soda mascot who enters children's bedrooms at night and grapes them, typically in the mouth.

I'm gonna grape you in the mouth!

I'm gonna tie you kids to the radiator and grape you! I'm the grapist!

Next, I'm gonna grape your mother and your father!

Comes with a grape whistle!

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One who mocks so mercilessly, they have gone beyond simple "rape" - they have graped their subject.

Oh man, FT just GRAPED that Lopert guy with that "yo momma" joke! He's such a grapist!

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The Kool-Aid mascot before the big red dude.

ohhhhhhh yeaaaaah


A serial rapist; someone who has done a whole bunch of rape.

"Did you read that thing in the paper"

"What? About the Grapist?"


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A person who spits grapes at someone else.

I'm being attacked by a grapist!

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1. someone who is prejudiced against grapes

2. someone who rapes grapes.

3. gang rapists / groping rapists

Help me! ive been graped up the arse, by a grapist

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