Gravity Bong

What is Gravity Bong?


a gravity bong is a home made pipe that is designed to use the force of gravity to pull weed smoke into the chamber, usually using water as the means for drawing the smoke down into the chamber.

1.) take any plastic bottle or jug, poke some holes in the bottom of the bottle or jug,

2.) create a foil bowl to fit inside of the bottle opening,

3.) get a bucket or anything the bottle will fit inside and fill the bucket with water,

4.) put the bottle or jug inside the bucket fully submereging the bottle in the water, up to the opening of the bottle (the bucket is filled with water at this point),

5.) put the foil bowl on top (the bowl is filled with weed at this point),

6.) light the weed and draw the bottle up, watch the water pull the smoke into the bottle, make the smoke as chalky as you desire, then when the bottle is almost completly empty of water and full of smoke, take the bowl off and suck the smoke in, at the same time the bottle should start filling back up with water as you are sucking in the smoke.

then if you really want to get high use the bottle as a respirator breathing into and out of the bottle until there is no smoke left.

the gravity bong is the best way to get 4 people off their gord with only a small amount of weed because of the enormous hits this device can generate, this is by far one the more superior means of getting high off a tiny amount of weed

We made a gravity bong out of a sunny D 1 gallon jug, and a trash can.

Nobody could ever completly clear the Sunny D chamber.

My favorite gravity bong is a 2 litter and a cooking put full of water.


n : A homemade smoking device that is made by a three liter bottle that is cut off at the bottom and uses a foil for the bowl. It usually work by putting marijuana in the bowl and the user lifts up the bottle and collects smoke and then the user takes the foil off and pushes his head in the water with the bottle making him have a really big hit.

The best way to make a gravity bong is by using a one gallon jug and a trambone mouth piece on the top of the jug then cut the bottom and use a big kitchen pot for the water.

props to

Joint Masta Jay

Damn! I sure got a big hit from the gravity bong. That shit got me stoned in one hit!


note: A trumpet mouth-piece works very well for a gravity bong bowl, it fits perfectly in the opening of a 2 liter bottle.

Just in case you happen to have a trumpet mouth-piece laying around that you don't want anymore, LOL


The only way to get fuckin baked. None of you posers even smoke dope.A real grav is made from a 3 liter, with a metal socket in the top for the bowl head. There is an art to pulling up one of these beauty's and takes practice to pull up a nice chalker. If you pull it to slow or let air in it(pull it up out of the water and 'gurgle' it) it'll taste stale as shit. The best thing about gravs is scraping the grams of resin from the inside after a couple z's have been cashed in it. If you get shit tooth from a hit,(resin on your teeth from suckin in the smoke) then thats a good hit.


Im broke man."Let's scrape the gravity bong dood!". Right we will get blisted.

See grav, chalker, thicket, gravity


take a 5 gallon water tank with the bottom cut off and a 8 gallon tank with the top cut off fill the 8 gallon water tank with water fully submerge the 5 gallon water tank into the 8 gallon water tank add tin foil to the top of the 5 gallon water tank fill the tin foil with your choice of weed and as much as you desire then light the weed and slowly very slowly pull the 5 gallon water tank up till there is about no water left in the tank at all and when you see that there is really no air left in the 5 gallon tank remove the tin foil and put your mouth over the opening and eaither really slowly or really fast your choice suck in the smoke and get blazed off your ass

me and 4 of my friends took tin foil and 1 ounce of weed and a 5 gallon water tank and an 8 gallon water tank and made a gravity bong out of it and it is almost impossible to clear the entire 5 gallon water tank me and my 4 friends tried it untill we ran out of weed and none of us were able to clear the entire 5 gallone tank but try it and see if your a master at the gravity bong and clear the 5 gallong water tank


A bong that uses a bucket, a bottle, and a pipe. You smoke it using air pressure, and can take enormous hits because of its design, easily.

See Root


A homemade bong that requires only a 3 liter bottle with the top cut off, a 2 liter bottle with the bottom cut off, tin foil, tape, and weed.

You can get awesome pure hits from one of these.

Dude the gravity bong is awesome


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