What is Grazer?


Someone who takes food (or drink) from a store and eats it in the store while looking around.

Ryan and Jake are such GRAZERS, they never pay for anything, they just walk through the store eating rice krispie treats and drinking yoohoos.

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A person, like myself, who eats food at sporadic intervals during the day, only when hungry.

The opposite to a gorger. See 'gorger'

GORGER: 'Are you going to finish that dinner?' GRAZER: 'No'

GORGER: 'Why?'

GRAZER 'I've had enough, I'm no longer hungry'

GORGER 'Waste not, want not'

Picks up grazers plate and finishes grazers meal.

See gorger, sporadic, food, hunger


One who just grazes the fields...takes numerous smoke breaks, plays on the computer all day at work, someone who just floats throughout the day.

"Chris another break? You are such a grazer!"

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to have your privates completely shaven grazer got rid of all my itching

See grazer, shaven, privates, hair, itch


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