What is Grazing?


When both parties have their clothes on and you brush over his penis with a body part in a teasing manner.

While watching a movie I was grazing him under the covers.

See graze, touch, feel, hand job, caress


To go to a store only for their samples

"Hey I'm going grazing at Costco, you in?"

See costco, cheap


When something is soooo great and amazing that you need to join the words together.

My boyfriend, Daniel is soo fucking grazing I can't even believe it!

See greatatious, stankey leg, coin wanking, thug thizzle


Making a meal out of eating a little bit of a lot of things.

Person A: Dude, you got any plans for dinner?

Person B: No. I'll probably just do some grazing.

See eat, food, browse, scan, nibble, snack


When giving head you bite the persons penis

Man, I was getting some head but she was grazing my shit...

See graze, biting, teeth, head, blow job


it is what rural people do while urban people are blazing

rural:hey billy-bob-joe-junior lets graze like the cattle

urban:yo sub z lets blaze all night like gangstas


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