Greek For Life

What is Greek For Life?


You cannot change what you are.

Very strong sense of identity and pride. Sense of belonging to something great. Passion.

Being born Greek is a blessing. No Greek would want to be anything else. Ever.

(Unlike many other cultures who convert to Judaism or whatever, you will never hear of a Greek converting to anything else. But you will see many people, including Jews, wishing they were Greek).

Tasso is "Greek for life". He was born Greek, he will die Greek.

See greek, best, pride, judaism, orthodox, christian


Strange fellow with a rectal obsession. He is ugly and smelly and he will probably go to hell some day.

I spoke to Greek For Life the other day and he is still ugly and smelly, I almost feel sorry for him.


A smelly drunken greek who thinks hes great because he hangs around in emulation forums.

But he is really a Geek for life.

Greek for life: "I'm so great because i havn't bathed in 4 years!"

Greek for life: " hey guys i'm so great because i was raped when i went to jail last night!"


The opposite of winning the lottery.

John: I won the lottery!

Jim: Ah damnit, I'm Greek.


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