Green Gumballs

What is Green Gumballs?


The term used to describe when one witnesses another person knowingly bullshitting and lyingtheir ass off. This person usually has no life of their own, and must make up stories so others will listen.

Man, Gillis was spewing green gumballs all over the parts counter this morning. He said "Hey guys I got the cashiers phone number last night, i think i am finally gonna get my dick wet. " Then the green gumball morter went off ... " I was riding my kx500 down I-4 with a tittie dancer on the back high on cocaine headed back to my moms house for dinner and was dragging knee so bad i had to get stitches. "

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When someone around you is knowingly lying or bullshitting another person.

"Man, yesterday at bifflo, I was on the starter gate, and my KX500 took off backwards into the crowd. I picked her up though, and ran the race in reverse."


"The cashier gave me her phone # last night, I can't wait to get her back to my moms house and finally get some action"

Man, the green gumballs were all over the parts counter today!

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