What is Greensboro?


The 78th largest city in the USA with about 250k people. Third largest city in North Carolina.

Formerly this city based their economy off of textiles, as the industry moved on Greensboro sustained itself through colleges. Greensboro has six colleges, and thus lots of young people. A growing town with a burgeoning downtown scene. Greensboro is growing and will continue to grow (in part) due to North Carolina's lax annexation laws.

A:I'm going to college in Greensboro!

B: Which college?

A: I'm not sure, I've got it narrowed down to: Guilford, UNCG, Bennett, A&T, or Greensboro College

See greensborough, nc, guilford, uncg


A Great Place to Connect

Greensboro is A Great Place to Connect.


According to "Men's Health Magazine" it's the 7th dumbest city in America. With nearly 6 colleges this shithole of a town hosts America's finest, from the 1 eyed cafeteria workers at UNC GREENSBORO, to the countless homeless people outside Wendy's!!!

Open a restaurant in Greensboro that sells Fried Chickin, Watermelon, and Collard greens, you'd be filthy Rich!


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