What is Grive?


To drive drunk. "Good to grive" means you're drunk but you can probably make it home. It's okay to drive drunk if you don't personally know anyone who's died from it.

"Let me tell you, this man here.. He's good to grive"

"Yeah I grove home from the bar last night. It normally takes half an hour but I'd swear I made it home in five minutes."

See drunk driving, grove


When two people are grinding but especially during a Techno or Rave song. They don't have to be holding each other but it is obivous they are rubbing up on each other.

"Wow man... once that Basshunters song came on i wanted to grive with sally so badly"

See grind, rave, dance, rub, bouncing


v. Grive, Grived

The act of inadvertantly spitting onto the lip, face, or in the mouth of someone your are conversing with.

1: "Dude, when you talk to her, don't get so excited you grive on her like last time."

2: "I can't believe it! We were just talking and he grived on my cheek! It was soo gross!"

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