Grizzly Ass

What is Grizzly Ass?


The next step up from gorilla ass, Grizzly ass is common in the southern region among tribes who live in swampy areas surrounded by high mountain peaks. It flourishes in muggy climates. The main cause is a lack of soap and water for a minimum of three weeks, and taking huge dooks. The ass hairs form a thick barrier, impossible for turds to penetrate causing severe dingle berries and itching, When scratched the smell will remain on the fingers for weeks(even when scratched through the trousers)Aside from shaving, industrial strength hand cleaner is the only cure. Grizzly ass is not gender specific and affects all walks of life.

After going without a shower and eating MRE's for the last month in Iraq. These long walks were taking a toll on Lcpl Slapahoe's health and welfare, he was now not only fighting insurgents, but a heavy case of grizzly ass as well.

See gorrilla ass, swamp ass, slough ass


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