What is Grumployee?


Usually a narcissistic, grumpy co-worker who blames everyone from management to his co-workers, while boosting his already over-inflated ego. Grumployees think of themselves as vastly superior to other workers, and frequently show contempt towards their colleagues. However, deep down, grumployees are very insecure, and are terrified of being put into a work environment where they may appear vulnerable. Usually, grumployees achieve their coveted status in an organization by creating their own turf and fiercely protecting their "secret knowledge", thereby acting as gatekeepers, while presenting themselves to managament as being indispensable. Usually, they stay in one company forever, as they cannot risk change. A new job would require them to start from square one and be vulnerable, which is what grumployee hates the most. Grumployees are often found in Information Technology, but can also exist in other fields, such as Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, etc.

"Patrick is such a grumployee. All he does is stand in the hallway, complaining about the incompetent managers, while keeping all the software training books and CDs under lock and a key, so not a single one of us new hires can learn anything about our proprietary software"

See primadonna, narcissist, grump, prick, whiner


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