What is G-shit?


Something that is an example of "G" behavior. Such as, but not limited to robbing, capping or smashing. "G" meaning gangsta.


1. This nigga be on some straight G-shit.

2. I'll blow your whole shit up on some g-shit nigga.

3. Fuck all y'all niggas, run up on you wit all my dogs, fuck you think this is nigga? You about to feel that dead-ass real G-shit.

See g, cap, ghat, nigga, dead-ass


1. Often meaning real shit... like now and happening

2. For real?

1. Nick-"Yo dawg the is some good ass weed"

Ronald- "G-Shit"

2. James- "Ah hell no... i got Maria pregnant, again!"

Fabian- "G-Shit?"

James- "Yeah man G-Shit!"

See g shit, gangster shit


Good shit

this outfit is g-shit


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