What is G-tard?


A white man who is convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is a black man trapped in a white man's body.

"Jesus, look at that fucking G-tard with those baggy pants and that chain around his neck, talking all those ebonics."


People who perpetrate being gangsters, when they actually live in their parents mansions in white suburbia.

Sean is the biggest G-tard, he drives around listening to gangster rap in his Mom's minivan.

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Someone who clearly likes to over indulge in the party drug GHBGBH. When taking in excess the user often experiences incontrollable body movements, makes random noises and yelling offensive obsenities at total strangers as if they have severe tourettes syndrome.

Dan: Hey, looks like Jimmy's over done it on the GHB again.

Megan: Clearly, I can see his mankyarms flapping about like that retard window lickerfrom bach in school.

Dan: He's with out a doubt the biggest G-tard i've ever met!

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Someone that lives in or is from Girard, Kansas.

When I was in high school I partied with a bunch of g-tards.

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