What is Guber?


A stage in a man's life when he acts in a way which other's would usually find embarrassing. This can include such acts as answering the mailman in your underwear or long boring inquiries into common sense tasks that lead to long meaningless stories.

I dropped by Frank's house to get my textbook and while he ran to get it, saw his dad frying sausage and eggs wearing nothing but his underwear. What a guber!

See geezer, senile, weirdo, old, strange, shameless


A good looking male without a high school diploma.

My, that man is goodlooking, too bad he's a Guber

See diploma, uneducated, man, male


A combination of gay and uber; used to describe something that is ultimately or epically stupid.

It just took 12 minutes to reboot my computer.

That's guber.

See gay, stupid, dumb, retard, annoying, crap


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