What is Guesstimate?


An educated guess. A guesstimation is a guess, but at the same time an estimation.

I guesstimated that 95% of people in Zimbabwe think this word is cool.


The way stupid people say "estimate". They either think they're being cute or clever, or else that it's an actual word. Since it's not any of these, science has yet to offer an explanation for people who consider use of this word acceptable.

My college trig teacher asked us to "guesstimate" values. I wanted to punch her in the mouth.

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an aproximation; an annoying phrase likely originating from high school science teachers.

Don't know the answer? Make a guesstimate.

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To estimate. To aproximate the total or amount of a value or object.

Derives and is primarily used by persons with below average IQ in place of the actual word "estimate".

I guesstimate my intellegence to be that of a primate.


a half-assed job at estimating.

Because I'm not very smart, i just guesstimated instead of actually thinking about it and making an estimate.

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1. Originally used by morons who like to make up words, guesstimate is a combination of two words that don't mean quite the same thing; A combination of the words Guess and Estimate that has adopted the meaning of the word guess.

2. To Guess; To draw a conclusion with little or no reason to believe so.

Bob: How high are we on this building?

Mark: I'd say about 10 stories.

Bob: That sounds like a good guesstimate.

Mark: (Silent in awe of Bobs stupidity)

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A word used by Dr. Cox from Scrubs.

A guess and an estimate.

"My guesstimate would be that you'd make 100 million $ after the first suscription..."

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