What is Guiseppi?


Guiseppi (n) was thought to have come from the ancient Greek word 'Guzebi' which loosely translates into ' The Sex,' or even more loosely into 'Volunteer Porn Star.'

However, due to recent study of the Guiseppi artifact (by at least one real scientist), it has been presumed that, it also means 'Comedian to rule them all,' 'God,' and 'Professional Porn Star.'

Some people also believe that the word is a Hybrid of the English word 'Mississippi (River),' and 'Guis,' (Dutch for cool), Thus giving the word the meaning 'Flowing Coolness.'

But the name actually came from the Simpsons, like all good things.

Example of Humor:

<Guiseppi> "Hey guys, just noticed something...

Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music" is the 6th most viewed video on Youtube...

And Chris Brown's "With You" is 4th most viewed.

I guess Chris Brown beats Rihanna."

Example of God-like-ness and Humor:

<esay> Guiseppi, are you God?

<Guiseppi> Yeah.

But there's a twist...

I'm real!

Example of Sex-ness and contribution to society (No humour, that Porn is no laughing matter. It's a very pleasurable matter), and appreciation of other people's jokes:

<esay> Guiseppi, are you a Professional Porn Star or a Volunteer Porn Star?

<Guiseppi> Hahahahahahaha!

I'm a volunteer,.

I don't believe I should get money for that.

I do it because I love the feeling of helping people.

(Turns out the loose translation was right... what a deal! (Goes off to watch free Guiseppi Porn)).

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