What is Gup?


A real annoying person.

He's such a gup.

See Amy


Stringy phlegm attached to a Rodney.

Stringy, rubbery phlegm causing constant throat clearing.

Pus-like substance of a camel

Cough...Cough..."Hey, I gotta' get rid of this GUP."

Oh Rodney, I love you. Uhguh...


slang for weed in the revtt community, as created by allycat.

.:02:28:24:. * AllyCat is smokin gup too

.:02:29:54:. <SCiMiTAR> AllyCat, you are smokin gup? is gup better than weed? :D

.:02:30:32:. <Two-Bits> all the cool kids are on gup

See weed, ganja, yummy, torrent


get up, move

Gup, you're in my seat.

See jackie


Black or grey fluffy substance found inside trouser turn-ups.

"I'm just getting the gup out of my trousers."

"There's a whole lot of gup in there!"


a Green Cup

This word was created for lazy people who thought green cup was too many words.

This abbreviation doesn't work for other colors.

ie rup, pup,

Hey Jimmy, please me the Green cup


Hey Jimmy, please me the Gup


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