Guttie Pie

What is Guttie Pie?


Commonly known as a creature with the crossbreeding of male and female private parts. These rare specimen containing a mix of both male/female reproduction organs are usually seen lurking amongst the dying shrubbery spread thickly throughout the magic forest. These beings are predominantly nocturnal and enjoy a fine 30 of beer here and there with minimal sharing. They like to mingle with a variety of other animals as well, some have rather untamed and “sight for sore eye” physical appearances; such as the Kyle, and others who smell divine in a wealth of both natural and fine made aromas which tingle the senses; such as the Gina. Not much more is known about the Guttie Pie as it is such a rare creature but scientists are currently tracking a Guttie Pie they have named Jimmy.

Jimmy is the only known guttie pie in observation at the moment, scientists are closely observing his/her lifestyle to help us further understand the Guttie Pie.


age: 19

location: commonly seen in N/E america

See jimmy, kyle


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