Gym Class Heroes

What is Gym Class Heroes?


Groundbreaking rock/hip-hop out of upstate New York. Works under the Fueled by Ramen record label and is known for their original lyrics, and their ability to make beats with real instruments instead of mixers and canned beats. Released their first LP, The Papercut Chronicles in February and i highly reccomend it.

"She says she loves me but, she comes and goes when she pleases, when the door shuts, it's like another papercut. Now im stuck with a hand full of band-aids, till she comes back around like them ceiling fan blades. She claims she loves me but, she cuts me into pieces, and when im sewed up, here comes another papercut."


An amazingly kickass rap/punk band that has extreme talent in writing songs. Best songs include Taxi Driver, Papercuts, and Makeout Club.

At the drive-in watching soft porn

And you can tell

By the trail of the dead

That there was something in the popcorn


a band who's excellence you should learn of before MTVand Ryan Seacrestruin them.

(summer 06)

me: oh my gosh, the new gch album is incredible!

friend: I know, I got it as soon as it came out last week, one of their best.

(spring 07)

Me: hey.

teenybopper: hey, have you heard of gym class heroes?

me: yeah, they're my favorite band.

teenybopper:mine too.

me: which one of their albums do you like better?

teenybopper: they only have one DUH! Anyways, I haven't even picked it up yet, I've just been listening to cupid's chokehold on the radio, and saw the vidon MTV.

me: wait a sec; you don't even have the re-release of as cruel as school children, but they're your favorite band. AND they had way more albums before that!!!

teenybopper: who cares? panic!is my new new favorite band.... moving on.

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A "band" whose entire success came from stealing a song by Supertramp.

Wigger: Peep dis new track yo, it be called Cupid's Chokehold by Gym Class Heroes...

Person: Hey I think I've heard this before, oh that's becuase it was already a song

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