H Mo

What is H Mo?


The derivative nickname of a kick ass awesome chick. the first letter derived from the first name and last letters derived from the last name....much to the liking of the infamous and annoying J LO (H MO is nowhere near as annoying or pretentious as J LO). H MO can often be found frequenting bars and parties, surrounded by many awesome friends and often yelling "woooo more shots!!!!!". Should you see H MO in the wild approach her and talk to her, prefereably if you are male and attractive.....and holding an extra beer.

cool chick #1: "Hey are we partying tonight?"

cool chick #2: "yeah let's call H MO, she's definately down"

dude #1 : "whos that chick yelling for more shots?"

dude #2 : "oh that's H MO!"

See awesome, girl, bar, cool, fun, chick


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