H Quizzle

What is H Quizzle?


The place in Flemington, New Jersey where all pick-up games of basketball are held.

1. The home of the HQ legend himslef, DEEZEL.

Yo Deez, you going at 3 to ball it up at H Quizzle?

Yeah, Ill roll into the Quizzle around 3:15 in the Ram DEEZEL.

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H Quizzle is slang for "HealthQuest" the only slightly fun place to go in Flemington, NJ. Has a sports center, gym, techno gym, workout classes, karate dance and gymnastics classes, pool, and you can even have a good ol' fashioned birthay party there! See Ftown

Harold: Let`s chill at H Quizzle tonight

Arnold: What better do we have to do?

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