Habbo Raid

What is Habbo Raid?


The coordinated practice of exploiting "Habbo Hotel's" game parameters by blocking access to key areas and mobbing/flooding popular hangouts (i.e., the pool) with the goal of disabling Habbo Hotel.

Often done in the spirit of fighting racism and HIV/AIDS, a good Habbo Raid can dismantle the hotel for several hours. Veteran Habbo Raiders often refer to July 12, 2006 as the greatest Habbo Raid ever, with participants from popular websites across the internet including YTMND, 4Chan, and EBaum's world. Many view it as the D-Day of Habbo Raids. Others claim the incursions on September 11th, 2006 as the greatest raid.

"Habbo Raid? Bobba yeah! Pool's closed due to AIDS."

See habbo, habbo hotel, habeeb it, bobba, ytmnd, 4chan, ebaum, d-day, the internet


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