Hacking The Matrix

What is Hacking The Matrix?


verb or action.

1. Any complex task, often that requires monumental manual dexterity. ALT: Can be used sarcasticlly when a task is so easy that even an idiot can complete it.

2. When a person types really fast, often in a faux important or funny way.

1. Can I get my cup of black coffee now!? I mean, I'm not asking you to hack the Matrix or anything.

2. Person A: Dude, he looks like he's really doing a lot of work.

Person B: Yeah, you'd think he was hacking the Matrix the way he's typing.

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What you say to pretend you are doing a lot of work when someone comes in and asks what you are doing, when you're really just slacking off or surfing the web (reading slangdefine).

P1: Hey dude, what are you doing?

P2: (turns to computer and starts to furiously type) Can't talk right now, I'm busy hacking the Matrix.

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