Hairy Mary

What is Hairy Mary?


A phrase that indicates surprise. It is generally used by the more random mebers of society.

Guy: Boo!

Random Guy: Hairy Mary

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A girl with an extremely hairy body, specifically the face and/or armpits. A Hairy Mary is also a woman who has an extremely hairy ass. Be warned. Hairy Marys tend to travel in packs and occasionally think that is okay to publicly expose themselves by wearing tanktops.

On first sight it looked as though Katrina's hair was flowing over her shoulder. She then tossed her hair back, exposing herself as a Hairy Mary, and displayed her beautiful armpit hair.

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An incredibly hairy, potent strain of marijuana.

Damn that hairy mary got me mighty fuckered up. Pass the chips?

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if someone has pubic hair and has thier periods and is physically mature. otherwise known as a bush baby.

sophie has beeen a hairy mary since year 6.

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when a man is performing oral sex on a woman but his emo-hair cut is getting in the way.

girl 1: OMG that guy looks so angsty. i wish he would perform oral sex on me.

girl 2: yeah, but it would probably be a hairy mary. itchtastic.

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aimee l is so sad for looking at this get a life

aimee l loves the pen15

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