What is Haleb?


A description not limited to but primarily including behavioral mannerisms, idiomatic expressions, identity constructs and cultural affinities of Armenian individuals from anywhere in the Middle East, the Caucasus, Europe, Africa, North America and beyond.

Something "Haleb" tends to be unassociated with mainstream American societal norms, modern understanding of community, government and interpersonal relationships and the proper functioning of technology.

"Disco" component: due to the inability of the "Haleb" to musically modernize while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge and incorporate centuries of tradition and achievement by Ottoman Armenians as composers, elite instrumentalists and acclaimed vocalists, "Haleb" also contains a "disco" component that flourishes in communities throughout North America. In the "disco" component of the "Haleb", traditional music of pre-genocide Armenians is rejected as dangerously primitive at best and a reminder of genocidal victimhood at worst. Although never outright addressed, this underlying concept lies at the root of the "Haleb", leading to the "disco" component memorialized in synthesizer music and wildly dancing entertainers in high heels.

Pronounced: Haleb (Ha as in "rock" and leb as in "red")

Variants: "Heleb" (He as "red" and leb as in "red")

There is a "Haleb world", "Haleb people" and it is also acceptable to just say "Haleb".

Sample #1:

Jim: Look at that disco band! They are amazing!

Antranig: So haleb...

Sample #2:

Jim: What is this Heleb wire you have here? (as Jim holds up a wire that is flimsy and has ceased functioning)

Note: variation in pronunciation and spelling.

Sample #3:

Madonna: Well what can I say, that's how my relatives are back home...

Andrew Sr.: Oh Madonna - they are out of their #$%@ing minds!

Andrew Jr.: So haleb...

Sample #4:

Haleb person: Agam, talk to this man in English...

Andrew: Congressman Jenkins, it is a pleasure to meet with you and discuss issues of concern to the community.

Haleb person: Asang chular yaw...

Andrew: So haleb...

See style, style style style, amazing


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