Hali Scale

What is Hali Scale?


1. While the exact definition of the "Hali Scale" is still under debate, and varies with the year (usually following climate changes of 60 years), there is still quite a number of Ivy League students who agree that it is the measure of the distance of a woman's nipplefrom the center of her chest.

This can be denoted with the following formula:

HD = C - (n/2), where C = Height / 3

HD: Hali Distance

C : Geometric Location of Chest, usually 1/3 of the way down her body.

n : The number of nipples, hence (n / 2) denotes 1 nipple.

2. A term that has come to recent use around a few Ivy League schools, including Cornell, Brown and Columbia. 2 entreprenueral students who were suite mates at the time, saw the need for a scale created tailed towards a different market. These students were working at the time, for Aerostaple, when they realized a dramatic shift in their market. The regular breast scale, the breast scale, only applied to 98.6778% of the entire global population. The other 2% was on the Hali scale. In fact, Hali's tits are so big, that she broke the scale at a clothing store at Pyramid Mall in Ithaca, where she currently resides. The only way to make custom tailored shirts for her were to use the Hali Scale.

Example 1:

Guy 1: Damn man, check out that chick!

Guy 2: Yeah bro, her tits are huge!

Guy 1: Nah dude, those can't be tits. No way!

Guy 2: What size do you think she is? C? D? DD?

Guy 3: You idiots. She's on the fuckin Hali Scale.

Example 2:

Hali: Hey, I'm on the Hali Scale

Example 3:

Hali's Mom: My daughter is on the Hali Scale!

Example 4:

Customer Service: Hello maam, what can I get for you?

Girl on Hali Scale: Hi, do you have any DW sizes?

Customer Service: I'm sorry? Bra sizes are in the Ds only.

Girl on Hali Scale: Dumb Bitch, I'm on da Hali Scale!

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