Halo Jump

What is Halo Jump?


When you jump by airplane from an high altitude and open your parachute close to the ground. The world is an abreviation of

High Altitude Low Opening jump.

I dont think you can do a halo jump on halo 2...


the act of jumping in a shooting games like a fag because you think its halo and you can dodge bullets

used primarley in Call Of Duty 4


player1: im gona go around back,cover me!

halofag: lolzords im gonna halo jump!

player1: haha noob,knife to the back!

halofag: awww man :( noob hax 4 lyf yO!

See halo, 3, jump, call, of, duty, 4, cod, master, cheif, fag, noob, hax


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