Ham Sandwhich

What is Ham Sandwhich?


When you are having sex with an old lady, take her flabby vagina lips and stick them between her butt cheeks, and make her clinch her butt cheeks so the vagina lips stick out in between then jerk off into the middle of it, and take a bite.

One day matt was feeling quite hungry and wanted a Ham Sandwhich. Later on an idea poped into his head. Soon there after he went to a retirement home. He met up with an elderly lady by the name of Thelma. Knowing back in the day that she use to be quite the piece of meat, he soon pitched his idea. He made her take off her pants and pull down her diaper and stretch her flabby vagina lips between her butt cheeks and clinch her butt cheeks down on to her vagina lips. Not long after, he whiped out his sad excuse for a penis, and jerked off with what little sperm he could onto the vagina lips. After that still being quite hungry he took a nice bite out of it, solving his empty stomach.

See ham, sandwhich, flabby, vagina, sex, sperm, mayo


A womens vagina, box, fuck hole, stink tube...whateva you want to call it. Either whole wheat or white bread...the ham stays the same color.

White on both sides pink in the middle.

Dark on both sides pink in the middle.


Someone who mastribates all the time.

One time in science class tony started mastribating. Next the teacher said "stop mastribating tony". Afterwards tony continued to mastribate.

Afterwards tony had a ham sandwhich


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