What is Hampster?


The incorrect pronounciation of 'hamster'. Annoying as hell.

'Wanna play with the hampster? Supposebly I ain't goin' to school, and that.'

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The retarded way to spell hamster. There's no "p" in hamster. Kthnxbai.

Gal: "Aww. Look at the little hampster running on her wheel"

Guy: "Umm..."

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A common misspelling of hamster.


a cunt's way of spelling hamster.

what sound do hampster's make?


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A hampster is a fat hipster.

So i was outside of a Built To Spill concert and almost got run over by a couple of hampsters.

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A hipster from the Hamptons

As if that hampster dont have dough...that white belt is so Gucci!

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How you spell "Hampter"... not "Hamster"

Let's pester the hampsters

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