What is Hapkido?


Korean martial art that consists of a variety of arm and leg joint locks, weapon techniques, throwing, kicking, and nerve pressure techniques. Hapkido is very suitable for self-defense. In Hapkido, Hap meaning: together, or the harmony of body and spirit, Ki meaning life and body energy, Do, meaning way of life, way of learning.

Master Timothy at Wesminster Hapkido Dojang teaches Hapkido.

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A Korean Martial Art named as The way of coordinated power. A combination of Taekyon a korean classic kicking art mixed with Aikido, Judo and Ju Jitsu. Incorperating devastating wrist and arm locks. Joint controls using pressure points and take downs and sweeps. Religous throws and falls and pain to submit. More focused on the stand up game thus calling it a stand up grappling style. Most Tae Kwon Do styles claim to have some Hapkido moves or TKD/Hapkido hybrids either or in which hold no merit. A true Hapkidoist should be the foundation. Hapkido cannot be practiced by those who cannot fall properly or injury will insue. Hapkido is king of the Arm Bars and is also known for it devastating spin kicks. Some secret moves uses twisting of the fingers or fore arm bones then striking the weaken points to shatter like dried spegetti noodles. Moves like these cannot be used in mma because the rules will not allow small joint locks such as fingers or wrists. Invent in the 40s a Korean Japanese influence.

Hapkido is used in elite law enforcement such as FBI, US Marshals and Secret Service to submit very very bad people.

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