Harbor Point

What is Harbor Point?


Harbor Point Luxury Condos and also a hood that is located in Dorchester,MA next to Bayside Expo Center and close to UMass Boston. Harbor Point is a good place to live such as playing tennis,play basketball, meeting people, go to the pool and the clubhouse. Harbor Point is also bad to get jumped if you are from the wrong hood that Harbor Point doesnt like and get shot if you got alot of terrible rep. and bad beef, because there is Bloods and a gang named 8Bus,they even make music too, but anywayz if you like starting alot of trouble and want to look problems in harbor point, good luck. Differnt places in Harbor Point are also runned by blacks n hispanics,such as Peninsula Place runned by dominicans n Ricans n North Point and westwind rd runned my blacks and also the other end of Harbor Point is runned by domincans and Ricans.Not just Harbor point is runned by blacks and a little bit of hispanics, white people also live there, so its not bad after all.

I like Harbor Point cuz i got alot of niggaz dat live dea n daz wea im from.

See dorchester, umass, bloods, condo


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