What is Hari-kari?


1. To commit suicide, especially by dispatching one's self with a blade.

2. To "off" ones self in a passionate fit of rage.

3. An intentional act of self-destruction.

Listening to Kelly Osbourne's singing was like hearing the screams of a thousand vietcong POWs simultaneously having their eyes gouged out with dull wooden cooking spoons while having their testicles smashed flat with hammers; It's enough to make even the most mentally stong person want to commit hari-kari.


To impale one's self through the stomach, next to the spine, and to finish by pulling the blade through your side, therefore cutting off your main "chi" or energy channel. The purpose of which is to kill yourself with no hope of surviving.

See "Chi".

Derek commited hari-kari.

See death, blade, suicide, chi


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