What is Hasbro?


Some one who has been played. References Hasbro,the popular Game manufacturer.

Dude stop being a Hasbro and dump him/her!


Hasbro is most commonly known for it's reference to child games for children under the age of 10. If you are eligible to play such games, you are considered a 'hasbro'. This basically is referring to someone being young, or under-aged.

"Yo, that club on campus is filled with mad hasbros"

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someone who was once your really good friend, but has since either gone MIA or had a major falling out with you and your friends

"What ever happened to Dave?"

"I dunno. We used to be pretty tight back in the day. I haven't heard from him in months though."

"Guess he's your hasbro now."

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a washed up bro that has downgraded his vehicle from a lifted silverado to a minivan. He is stuck at home or is workin in a cubicle He is no longer accepted in the bro community. He is stuck listenin to Justin Timberlake instead of his beloved KMK or Disturbed

That guy is such a hasbro. Look at him. He put a skin sticker on the back of his minivan!

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A hasbro, some sort of developer/programmer which fails at every attempt. Usually tries to get money out of people by using someone else's work and then claiming other's work. Loved by the idiots, hated by the developers/programmers.

Look at this hasbro, he tries to take donations for programs he didn't create.

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