What is Hawesome?


a variant of awesome which includes the pronunciation of the implicit "silent h". It describes something with the characteristic of being exceedingly awesome.

Dude, you ate seven double cheeseburgers... that's hawesome!

See awesome, amazing, cool, stupid, uman


Used whenever Sacramento Kings player Spencer Hawes does something awesome.

*Spencer Hawes goes for a slam dunk*

"That was HAWESOME!"

See sacramento, kings, nba


awesome spelled with an H

That was an hawesome movie

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A combination of Hot and Awesome. A description for something or someone so insanely astonishing, overwhelming, awe inspiring, and breathtaking that neither hot or awesome will suffice for a description.

MG is so devastatingly Hawesome, its hard to speak correctly in such a Hawesome prescence!

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As awesome as a horse (not a whore)

"Wow! That was fucking hawesome"

"As awesome as a whore?"

"No! As awesome as a horse"

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a combination of hardcore and awesome, it means something that is exceedingly awesome to a hardcore point.

That graffiti over there is hawesome.

See awesome, hardcore, amazing, astonishing, great


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