What is Hayek?


A land where the lassiez are faire, Beveridges are cold, old people abandon their Keynes, and one can Marshall the courage to be Fried from the Road to Serfdom.

Friedrick von Hayek envisioned a world of freedom.

See marshall, classical economics


1. Salma Hayek, a great Mexican-American actress, known for films such as Dogma, Desperado and Frida.

2. Friedrich Hayek, a great Austrian-British economist and political philosopher, known for his criticism of totalitarianismand for his influential books The Road to Serfdom and The Constitution of Liberty.

"Dude, did you watch Dogma?"

"Yeah, Salma Hayek totally rocks in that film."

"Dude, did you read Friedrich Hayek's Road to Serfdom?"

"Yeah, the rule of law and free trade totally rock."

See hayek, actress


Having the quality of being sultry and uber hot, while not top flight famous.

The quality of consistently being top ten.

Man, Jenny from accounting has got some hayek going on.

See smoking, sexy, bonerlicious


Ugly mother fucking, sad bastard!

that guy is so hayek

See frufru


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