Headless Horseman

What is Headless Horseman?


An uncircumcised penis.

I coudln't believe it when that Jewish guy whipped out his headless horseman, I thought those guys had some kind of foreskin trimming part or something.

See cock sheath, flesh pipe


Theextremely rareoccurance ofapenis with nohead.

What?Do youhaveahydra?

No..itsheadless horseman.

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When a guy cuts off the tip of his penis, cums in a girls eye, then scoops her eye out with a spork, throws it into someone else's mouth and then that person spits the eye onto the penis where the tip was, and then he screws the open eyehole

He showed her what a Headless Horseman is, if you know what I mean!

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While driving a car, the driver gives the passenger oral pleasure.

I gave that bitch a headless horseman while driving to her parents house.

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a guy who is doomed to roam the earth looking for some head which he has sadly never gotten

a close but slightly more sad cuzin of a perma-virgin

person1:why is he talking to them fat chix...

person 2:hes a headless horseman...hes trying to find some head so his soul can rest

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The disappearance of the head due to the act of shoving it up a vagina.

I dove my head in vertical and performed the Headless Horseman.

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The result of someone getting their dick severed in the door of a Ford Mustang.

Watch out Jimmy! You almost shut your dick in the door and gave yourself a headless horseman!

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